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1oz Premium Fragrance Oils


Do you have a favorite wax melt scent from our fragrance line? Well now you can order the oil to pour in your plug in warmer, tealight warmer or electric warmer. You can also use the oil to to give aroma beads or air fresheners a fragrance boost.

Oils are weighed when poured, so depending on oils, some may have more than others.

Not recommended for body use. (If wish to use in body PRODUCTS, please feel free to contact us to see if this oil is body product friendly)

Price change as of 3/1/2023

$1.00 SALE oils do not come with labels or pippettes....names of oil is written on bottle. 1 of each oil is available for $1.00 oils. THESE ARE OILS IN THE ORIGINAL BOTTLE FROM COMPANY.