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3 oz. "Double Blends" Clamshell Wax Melts


3oz Clamshells that are already poured and ready to ship.

Soy blended wax melts that you break apart and place into your favorite warmer.
These come with 2 layers of scents-Each layer has a different scent.

The number beside scent name indicates how many are available.

Strawberry Lemon Cake-Strawberry Cheesecake blended with Lemon Pound Cake

Love Mint Potion-Eucalyptus Mint and Love Spell

Chocolate Brownie Lover-Chocolate Fudge and Cherry Cheesecake

Sangria Madness-Red Sangria's medley of fruits with red wine and Pink Sangria's sweet tropical blend.

Pink Laundry-Pink Sugar and Clean Cotton

Butt Naked On The Beach-Butt Naked fruit blend and Sex on The Beach orange and peach scent.

Herb Garden-Rosemary Sage and Lavender Mint