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5oz Tin Candles

$6.50 / Sold Out

5oz Tins poured with your favorite scent.

These are poured to order to please allow 5 to 7 business days.

Add your requested scent in the comment field.

Examples of a few scents available:

Bite Me
Black For Men
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Blue Hawaiian
Butt Naked
Caribbean Escape
Chanel #5
Cherry Almond
Cinnamon Chai
Citron Mandarin
Coconut Verbena
Couture Hotness
Clean Cotton
Egyptian Dragon
Egyptian Amber
Eucalyptus Mint
French Lavender & Honey
French Vanilla
Fresh Coffee
Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator
Fruity Loops
Grapefruit Mangosteen
Grapefruit Lemongrass
Hawaiian Splash
Jamaica Me Crazy
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Lavender Luxury
Lavender Mint
Lavender Vanilla
Lemon Eucalyptus
Lemon Verbena
Lick Me All Over
Linen Breeze
Luau Party
Macintosh Apple
Magnolia &Peony
Passionate Kisses
Peach Bellini
Peppermint Eucalyptus
Pineapple Sage
Pink Peppermint
Pink Sugar
Polo For Men
Pomegranate Cider
Princess Tiara
Red Ginger Saffron
Rosemary Sage
Sandalwood Rose
Sangria Punch
Sex on The Beach
Smoke & Odor Eliminator (New Version)
Sparkling Clean
Strawberries and Champagne
Strawberry Shortcake
Vermont Honey Apple

Burn candle within sight
Keep out of reach of children and pets
This tinplate will get hot, so make sure to place on a heat resistant surfaces.
Burn no more than 2 hours each time.
Make sure wicks stay trimmed.

Please be advise that some scents contain vanillin and may rust the tin. That does not change the burn or smell.